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  • Connect the Bots.

    The many HR systems, applications, and content we use for work every day offer tremendous value but are completely disjointed and disconnected.

    Pull it together.

    The Employee Experience Platform

Is your company an awesome
place for your people?

66% say no.1

It’s time to leverage people, process, and AI to make an
“Employee Awesome” workplace.

What if you had immediate answers to crucial questions in the moments that matter most in your employees’ lives? What if you could simplify their lives, personalize their work experience, customize content and other resources to meet their needs, AND build an awesome workplace? Imagine solving real people problems in real time, 24/7/365. That’s the best of humanity and tech at work.

¹Source: Gallup—only 34% of American employees are engaged.

  • Simplify

    Why should employees waste time endlessly searching knowledge bases, systems, documents, and portals to get answers? Now they can get on-demand answers about resources, policies, procedures, work environment, training/development, and cultural idiosyncrasies. Want to come to work with tattoos, blue hair, your dog?

  • Execute

    Enable proactive communications/reminders, involve employees in new initiatives/programs, and initiate actions and tasks across any system/process. All this without requiring your employees to know which system to go to for what, and what to do when they get there. Enter information in one place, not multiple.

  • Engage

    Business is human. So, start engaging your employees on a personal level—reach them where they are. On the go, via text, MS Teams, Slack, intranet portals, more. Convey important notifications, recognize and celebrate great work, and point them in the right direction, even to an expert on-demand.

  • Safeguard

    Lawsuits, fines, or worse. No company wants those risks. mitigates legal risk and lawsuits. We provide our customers with full audit logs of every conversation, question and answer provided by us to keep your company in compliance, and even integrate with 3rd-party ethics and/or whistleblower systems.

  • Improve insights

    The more you know about your employees, the further your company will go toward success. By gaining insights about what they are looking for, what they need help with, and how to improve the overall employee experience—you’ll build loyalty, improve productivity, and minimize costs while maximizing effectiveness.

  • Connect

    Personal connections = employee awesome. connects your diverse employees to one digital experience that’s personalized for every employee in your company, one that integrates point enterprise applications, content sources, databases, and other bots.

What integration challenge?
Done and done for IT.

Integrations can derail any implementation project. We bet your IT team has been there, done that, don’t want to do it again. That’s why invested from the beginning in pre-built integrations to your existing HR, benefits, payroll, service desk, talent management, and knowledge management systems. No question-and-answer mapping required. Your enterprise simply manages your content in one single location.

Simplifying the HR experience for everyone.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

We are one of the largest independent TV station owners. As a company, we’re all about meeting consumers where they are. is a tool that meets employees where they are by allowing access and answers through Teams, Slack, Intranet, or SMS.
Kevin McDonald

Vice President, BPO Governance & HR Operations at The E.W. Scripps Company

As a solution, fuels the future workplace experience. Period.
Jason Averbook

HR Technology Thought Leader, CEO and Co-founder of Leapgen