Socrates Ai.
Realtime answers for the
world's most complex products.

Socrates is the next-generation mobile support network for the world's most complex products.

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Sophisticated customers require sophisticated product support.

Healthcare and life science professionals need real information in realtime. Socrates puts an on demand specialist in every customer's pocket.

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For Your Field Force

For Your Field Force

Selling state of the art
technologies requires a state
of the art salesforce.

Socrates arms reps with an intelligent support network to help them service customers with confidence.

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For Your Customers

Put your specialists in every customer’s pocket.

Service and training is the #1 factor in every purchase decision. Socrates puts your product specialists in every customer's pocket.

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For Customers

For Management

Unlock your organizational expertise.

When it comes to selling complex life science products, much of your brand value is locked away in the brain of your field force. Socrates unlocks your organizational expertise.

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Company News

The latest from Socrates Ai.

November, 2014

Socrates CEO Grant Prigge speaks at the 2014 BioCentury China Healthcare Summit.

Socrates CEO Grant Prigge spoke at The BioCentury China Healthcare Summit 2014 held November 12-14, 2014 in Shanghai, China. The VIP-only event brought together thought leaders and decision makers from Chinese and multinational companies to examine the necessary steps to creating a modern healthcare ecosystem in China that is built on a foundation of scientific, business and policy innovation.

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June, 2014

Socrates opens a new San Francisco office.

Hello San Francisco! Socrates is pleased to announce it has opened a new office in San Francisco to accommodate our growing US engineering and operations team. The office is located in SOMA on 156 2nd Street. Our Shanghai team is a bit jealous of the blue skies and fresh seafood...

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May, 2014

Socrates partners with Fudan University's NLP research lab.

Socrates and Dr. Xipeng Qui, Director of Fudan’s NLP Research Lab start a collaborative project focusing on Chinese NLP. Dr Qiu is one of the leading Chinese language NLP experts and the developer of FudanNLP, an open source toolkit for Chinese Natural Language Processing.

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