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  • Digital transformation = Employee Awesome.

    We enable a consumer experience for your employees—simplifying their lives and allowing them to complete important tasks in the apps they are already using.

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What’s all the hubbub about?

Our enterprise-grade platform uses a conversational methodology to mirror the way people really communicate today with technology such as text, enterprise chat solutions, intranet portals, and voice. is not a bot toolkit, or another point solution, it’s the first-ever approach that pulls all your HR and benefits information together into one simplified hub. It’s like the bot of all bots, and way more.

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What Makes Us Different

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Easy to understand, always up to date content

We ensure your content is up to date, accurate, and that your employees get answers immediately. Our quality assurance technology uses a database of 1000s of employee questions to see how your content is responding, identifies gaps and conflicts—and fixes them. With our AI expertise, it means less HR, benefits and payroll speak, and more digestible information.

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Fast implementation, rapid deployment

There are no costly and lengthy implementations, no question/answer mapping/management or variation mapping/management, and no training the system. We’ve built an employee-centric content superstructure with natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU) for you. Your IT team chooses the best deployment to meet your needs: SaaS or On-Premise and handles the heavy lifting of the implementation.

Pre-built integrations to HR benefits/knowledge databases

Everything you need is here. Pre-built integrations to your current systems. Pre-built, pre-tested content includes a glossary of terms, abbreviations, acronyms, and more—all can be customized to your organization’s environment(s) and culture(s).

Bot-to-bot conversations

Every point solution will ultimately have a point bot inevitably leading to the continued problem of disparate and incongruent systems connecting together. No problem with The Employee Experience Platform. We help you stay ahead of the market by enabling bot-to-bot conversations. Use as your primary or secondary solution for your chatbot strategy.

IT challenge solved—integrations, no problem anymore.

To save your enterprise time and valuable resources, The Employee Experience Platform integrates the most popular HR, benefits, payroll, and knowledge management systems across your company content, policy, systems, and applications:

  • We invested in pre-built APIs with point applications and knowledge management systems such as Office 365, Slack, Kronos, SharePoint, and many more.
  • We extract specific answers from your documents and share drives—no time consuming, question-and-answer mapping so you can manage content in one single location.
  • And we’ve invested in your success and minimized your investment risk. No implementation fees. Period.


Keep up with when and where work gets done.

The world of work has changed! Whether your associates are in the office, telecommuters, or gig-workers, they take their work with them wherever they go plus bring their outside life to their work every day, 24/7/365. With, you can deliver answers to them wherever they are, when they need them.

The Employee Experience Platform

A Single Experience, A Powerful New Approach

Our vision is to deliver an Employee Awesome experience across any system, document, process or data-set. For the first time ever, brings the complexity of the enterprise into a single digital experience that enables your organization to tap expertise across the enterprise, save time and duplication of efforts, and capture new opportunities.