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  • We, HR, are equal part people, process, and AI working toward one collective goal—Employee Awesome.

Embrace the complex, rapidly changing, and very important world of HR in one awesome place.

The last thing your HR team wants to do is add headcount or systems that increase organizational cost just to manage HR and benefits content. Your team also doesn’t want to waste time on routine questions and standard tasks that technology can answer faster, with better consistency. We get that. In fact, we take care of the content piece, so your HR team has far more time to handle the mission-critical strategy. The Socrates.ai Employee Experience Platform works with your most accurate system of record—your own documentation—to help your enterprise:

  • Clean all content, identify sources of conflict, and any mis-information directly from your source files.
  • Rewrite content into consumable and chat-bot-type responses that humanize your legalese in combination with links to your formal policy, procedures, and next steps.
  • Answer up to 90% of your employees’ questions within one second—achievable for content you provide within the first six months.
  • Help manage answers to improve accuracy and relevance via advanced natural language processing and understanding (NPL/NLU) that Socrates.ai develops and maintains.
  • Enable permission-based content restricting content viewing to select people.

Pre-built, pre-loaded—ready to go.

We know HR, talent management, payroll, and knowledge management systems inside and out. We have 100+ years of collective experience from our CEO to our sales and implementation teams. Here’s the key benefits to your organization:

  • Leverage pre-built, pre-tested HR and benefits industry content so you don’t have to dedicate internal teams to this task or hire consultants. All content can be edited or updated.
  • Take advantage of pre-built integrations for the most popular HR, benefits, and payroll and knowledge management APIs from Workday to Kronos, MS Teams to SharePoint and more.
  • Pre-built and maintained NLP/NLU—no question/answer/mapping management required, no training the system or costly or lengthy implementations that take time away from your core work.
  • Brand the platform with your logo and name to reinforce corporate identity.

Gain insights about your employees.

We provide the insights you need to make great decisions on how to best service your employee needs. Discover what they need help with—whether it’s understanding their retirement plan or getting mental health counseling for their children, or maternity benefits. You’ll know what they search for most often, and ways you can improve the overall employee experience. With the Employee Experience Platform’s reporting capabilities, you can:

  • Audit your content—discover gaps and inconsistencies and fix them.
  • Address the latest regulations and keep ongoing records of all questions, answers, processes—mitigating legal risk.
  • Uncover insights and data about your internal customers—what’s top of mind for them? What works, what doesn’t? Where do they want more guidance and support?

For the first time ever, the Employee Experience Platform simplifies the HR experience for everyone—HR, IT and, most important, your employees and their families. From the beginning, our platform has been designed to require minimal resources from HR.

It’s been said before, but the best system is one people will actually use. Socrates.ai makes adoption, engagement, and success easy. And yes, that’s amazingly awesome.

What People are Saying

  • As a company, we’re all about meeting consumers where they are. Socrates.ai is a tool that meets employees where they are by delivering access and answers where you prefer to work- whether it be Teams, Slack, Intranet, or SMS.
    Kevin McDonald |

    Vice President, BPO Governance & HR Operations at The E.W. Scripps Company

  • With Socrates.ai, enterprises have access to a mobile-ready, platform-neutral chatbot that leverages technologies both the workforce and HR already use …
    Jason Averbook |

    HR Technology Thought Leader, CEO and Co-founder of Leapgen