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  • The botcalypse is here.

    We’ve gone from point solutions to mobile apps to bots and more bots—but tying them all together has been impossible, until now.

The Employee Experience Platform—delivering new IT value.

Everyone talks digital transformation today, but few are making it really happen. Moving beyond point solutions, mobile apps, and bots, has created the world’s first, employee awesome Employee Experience Platform that ties everything together for the first time ever. We make the digital journey possible. Our platform pulls applications of today and tomorrow into a single, seamless user experience. Future proof, powerful, and easy. Yep, awesome!

  • Offers an enterprise-grade platform—not another tool-kit.
  • Simplifies the complexities of navigating the workplace.
  • Sits over all digital conversations to integrate all your technology, systems, and content into one experience.

Owning the quality for you.

And your IT team doesn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to maintaining, developing, and improving a new technology solution. With, you don’t have to. Unlike most chatbot tools, we take full responsibility for response accuracy—it’s not your IT team or a third party that’s on the hook for quality, we are.

  • We manage, maintain, and update the natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU)—we built the proprietary algorithms and continue to refine.
  • We diagnose and fix issues related to incorrect responses.
  • We maintain APIs and integrations used for answer extraction.
  • The bottom line for you? NO question/answer mapping/management, no question variation/mapping/management, and no training “the system.”

Speaking the language of bots, any bot.

Just about every enterprise department is now looking at an individual chatbot solution. With advances in AI and natural language processing, bots are getting smarter and more interactive. With bots proliferating, it means even more places to go for information. Rather than ask “what system does your workforce go to,” it may soon be, “what bot do I go to?” has an answer.

  • Our Employee Experience Platform was designed to enable bot-to-bot conversations from the beginning, so we’ll always be ahead of the market.
  • By supporting bot conversations, we’re once again pushing content and functionality to where your workforce already is.
  • can be your primary or secondary bot in your eco-system.

We’re like the bot of all bots, and more.

Doing the heavy lifting for you.

What’s the true cost of new technology? Even if the new tech promises the world, implementation can be a huge challenge to success and present difficult roadblocks to overcome. That’s why made a strategic investment from the beginning in solving IT challenges to help minimize risk with:

  • Pre-built HR, benefits and knowledge management APIs and integrations to the most popular programs to save you significant time and resources.
  • A range of deployment options that offer the flexibility your IT and security team may require—SaaS, On-Prem, and Hybrid.
  • A vendor agnostic solution that can work across any system or service provider to answer questions and take action.
  • No costly implementation fees.

Improving service and business efficiency.

Many of today’s solutions for reducing IT costs focus on making the helpdesk more efficient—yet what if you could drastically eliminate the need of having to go to the helpdesk in the first place? With, your employees and their families are able to get answers, take actions, and perform tasks 24/7—all without excessive calls, tickets, and emails ever reaching your helpdesk. This frees up your agent workload to focus on the most challenging cases, and helps you deliver on the true value of the digital revolution.

  • Transform company portals by replacing frustrating search queries and links with timely and personalized answers.
  • Increase organizational productivity and reduce the burden on your helpdesk.
  • Increase engagement and satisfaction of your workforce—the right answers and actions when they need them most.

What People are Saying

  • Consider if … your enterprise and data architects seek ways to bring together and organize heterogeneous forms of documentation and data— technology can help aggregate and present the data, at the time of need.

    From Gartner Research report, “Cool Vendors in Employee Engagement and Enablement in the Digital Workplace” September 2018

  • With rapid developments in technology, the future of work has never evolved so quickly… The Mercer HRTech Incubator was launched to help incubate, support, and grow the next generation of workforce innovation start-ups.

    From announcement on Mercer HRTech Incubator Program— is one of six inaugural members.1

  • CTOs today are all talking about digital transformation. has developed a Employee Experience Platform that ties everything together for the first time, making that digital journey possible. It’s not just another toolkit but a powerful and simple enterprise-grade platform that pulls applications of today and tomorrow into a single, seamless user experience.
    Aaron Au |

    Former CTO at SAP SuccessFactors