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Is your content repository or knowledge management system prepared to meet your employees’ needs in the moments that matter?

With the Employee Experience Platform, your employees go to one place to get all these questions answered. Period. No more frustrating experiences searching multiple data, content, and knowledge sites for information, or waiting on the line for the help desk to answer and then get back to them. The Employee Experience Platform acts just like their own private virtual assistant. It is the one place for your employees to ask questions and get the latest HR/benefits-related answers and perform important tasks.

  • Ask questions via text, collaboration tools, or voice and get a fast response—all from one single, user-friendly interface.
  • Take actions proactively—the Employee Experience Platform walks your employees through the specific steps to perform tasks and reaches out to other HR/benefits/payroll solutions and systems to gather data—even notifies a manager for approval if needed.
  • Allow your employees to complete a wide range of tasks—on/off/crossboarding, get information on payroll and taxes, modify deductions, review 401K, PTO, maternity leave, policy updates, and enroll in special programs and more.
“My daughter is depressed; how do I get help for her?”
“Can I work from home?”
“My domestic partner and I are adopting; can I take a leave of absence?”
“Can I come to work with purple hair?”
“A news reporter called me about something they heard about our company; what do I do?”
“We were just acquired by another company; is my job safe?”
“I am worried about retirement; who can help me with my financial plan?”
“Can I take a leave of absence to care for my mom who lives with us?”
“I have a new team member starting work next week; what do I need to do?”
“I want to work from home because of my child’s school schedule; is that OK?”
“I misplaced my W-2 statement; how do I get another copy?”
“I want to recognize a coworker who is amazing; how do I do that?”
“I am worried about the behavior of a coworker; who can I report this to?”

A natural, personalized conversation.

When your employees and their families interact with the Employee Experience Platform, the experience is like the one they have chatting with family and friends or with solutions like Siri® or Alexa™. Free of legalese and HR speak. And best of all, the Employee Experience Platform knows who the employee is and how to best help.

“Hi Bob—I’m your digital assistant and I’m here to help assist you with your HR questions—what issues can I help you with today?”

“Hi Meghan. You have $130,000 in your 401k plan. Would you like to increase your savings contribution rate?”

  • Based on advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing and understanding all built and maintained by
  • Understands simple statements or single words and can designate a default behavior to make the process even easier.
  • Gets your employees to the right place by the first request 90 percent of the time.

Escalations on demand.

Our AI approach doesn’t take the “human” out of human resources. Our technology makes it possible for your valuable subject matter experts to serve your employees far more efficiently, on the issues that require human judgment and expertise. Escalations on-demand offer a way for your employees to report on company violations or concerns such as safety, fraud, theft, or harassment in a safe environment that quickly puts them in touch with the right person to handle any issue securely and responsibly.

Employee states: “Someone at work is harassing me, and I don’t know what to do about it.” answers: “Okay, let me help you. Don’t worry, everything here is completely confidential. I can provide you with contact information or have an expert contact you. Which do you prefer?”

  • Allows your employees to simply state a concern, an issue or report a violation of company policy.
  • Automatically alerts the proper team—even if it’s a third party.
  • Helps you and your team minimize risk.

What People are Saying

  • As a company, we’re all about meeting consumers where they are. is a tool that meets employees where they are by delivering access and answers where you prefer to work- whether it be Teams, Slack, Intranet, or SMS.
    Kevin McDonald |

    Vice President, BPO Governance & HR Operations at The E.W. Scripps Company

  • As a solution, fuels the future workplace experience. Period.
    Jason Averbook |

    HR Technology Thought Leader, CEO and Co-founder of Leapgen