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2022 #HRTechConf: Socrates AI customer Kimberly-Clark takes the stage

The annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition is a veritable town hall for our industry, bringing together thousands of vendors and practitioners for a week of learning, networking and more. In addition to attending this awesome event, the Socrates AI team is excited to share that one of our customers, Kimberly-Clark, will be taking the stage as part of the conference’s Women in HR Technology Summit. That’s right, on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 11:10 a.m. PT, Nicole Sloane, Employee Experience Leader at Kimberly-Clark, will present in the session, “Is Your Digital Transformation Connecting and Engaging All of The Workforce?”


Moderated by industry analyst Rebecca Wettemann, this panel will feature Sloane alongside Katharine Claytor, VP of HR for Corvesta and Patricia Sharkey of Sharkey HR Consulting. Through the discussion, these HR experts will look at how digital transformation efforts can engage the entire workforce, including those working remotely, to ensure talent is retained and developed.


Sloane has first-hand experience with this topic through Kimberly-Clark’s work with Socrates AI. Having worked to simplify and standardize the employee journey as part of the company’s digital transformation efforts, Sloane shared in a podcast, “We started in 2020 and implemented an employee experience platform to enable our global service delivery, connecting our systems, processes, information, services, people, kind of everything in a one-stop-shop.”


This included setting up a portal for Kimberly-Clark’s HR knowledge bases that involved migrating 2500 articles and enabling 18 languages – to start. With support from Socrates AI and the introduction of chat functionality, Kimberly-Clark made this information accessible and actionable. Sloane explained, “Towards the end of 2020, we went live with our KayCee chatbot. We chose this chatbot because it was system agnostic. It sits anywhere and handles questions and actions the employees might be taking. It’s cross-functional.” In 2021, Kimberly-Clark expanded this capability, country by country, up to 5000 articles. As a result, Sloane shared, “Our employees asked about 27,000 questions from the chatbot and completed about 16,000 transactions.”


To learn more, be sure to attend “Is Your Digital Transformation Connecting and Engaging All of The Workforce?” at this week’s HR Tech Conference. If you’re in town and want to meet with the Socrates AI team, schedule a meeting.