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  • and ChatGPT: Innovating the Future of Work Together

     ChatGPT: Advanced Language Model at Work

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Socrates PLUS ChatGPT: Delivering an Exceptional Employee Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to provide employees with exceptional support experiences that enable them to be productive and successful. With the integration of Socrates and ChatGPT, companies can now offer their employees a cutting-edge support experience that’s fast, efficient, and effective.’s collaboration with ChatGPT brings cutting-edge AI technology to the enterprise, transforming the employee experience. The partnership leverages ChatGPT’s advanced language model to enhance workplace communication, support, and productivity.


ChatGPT: Your Intelligent Workplace Companion

The integration of ChatGPT into’s platform creates an intelligent workplace companion for employees. It offers support for a variety of tasks, from answering HR-related questions to providing guidance on company policies and procedures.

ChatGPT’s advanced language model provides employees with instant, accurate, and personalized support, empowering them to perform at their best. The AI-driven assistance helps streamline processes, minimize errors, and enhance overall employee satisfaction.


Driving Innovation and Efficiency in the Workplace

The partnership between and ChatGPT is a testament to the companies’ commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in the workplace. By integrating advanced AI technology, the employee experience is elevated, leading to a more productive and engaged workforce.

With ChatGPT’s advanced natural language processing capabilities,’s platform simplifies workplace communication and support. Employees can easily get answers to their questions, resolve issues, and access information, leading to increased efficiency and satisfaction.

What People Are Saying

  • Every once in a while, a new technology comes along that offers a strategic leap for CIOs—I think’s Employee Experience Platform is a prime example. It brings a simple consumer-style approach to the enterprise and enables an employee to communicate in a natural way by text, enterprise chat solutions, intranet portals and/or voice. We will see over the next year or so that this is one of those ‘game changing’ moments.
    Steve Strout |

    Chief Operating Officer, Agrisource Data

  • As a company, we’re all about meeting consumers where they are. is a tool that meets employees where they are by delivering access and answers where you prefer to work- whether it be Teams, Slack, Intranet, or SMS.
    Kevin McDonald |

    Vice President, BPO Governance & HR Operations at The E.W. Scripps Company

  • As a solution, fuels the future workplace experience. Period.
    Jason Averbook |

    HR Technology Thought Leader, CEO and Co-founder of Leapgen

The Employee Experience Platform

A Single Experience, A Powerful New Approach

Our vision is to deliver an Employee Awesome experience across any system, document, process or data-set. For the first time ever, brings the complexity of the enterprise into a single digital experience that enables your organization to tap expertise across the enterprise, save time and duplication of efforts, and capture new opportunities.