A great employee experience in your hands.

AI that transforms how employers manage and retain the digital workforce.

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The Natural Experience Layer helps get things done

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    Natural answers to a variety of employee questions, from company acronyms to benefits. Socrates makes employee handbooks and other documents accessible and engaging.

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    Employees easily and naturally complete tasks like on/off boarding, leave requests, benefits and payroll changes. Self Service that reaches and engages every employee-- all from a single conversational interface.

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    Whether handling a difficult proprietary technical question or a sensitive topic, Socrates identifies the right expert inside or outside your organization and connects your employee, naturally.

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    Personalized broadcast communication notifies employees in the way they prefer. Socrates increases employee engagement with timely and actionable communications for open enrollment, corporate events, policy changes, benefits programs, and the like.

How it Works

A Mobile-Centric, Cross-Channel Enterprise Solution that Naturally Mirrors the Consumer Experience.

Socrates leverages all resources to find the answer, or instantly connects with a person who can.

A Natural Experience for Today's Digital Workforce

Socrates engages today’s digital employees with a simple, conversational interface that works with and across existing enterprise systems - helping those systems work for the employee, rather than the other way around.

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Make Your Existing Software Investments Work for Your Employees, Not the Other Way Around.

Transform your employee portals, time-off requests, expense approvals, benefits enrollment, help desk, health-plan enrollment and other work processes. Socrates makes your systems work naturally, for employees - completing actions for them, or connecting them to the people who can. Employees never need to remember another URL or password.

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