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    Because digital conversations are core
    to your business.

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Conversations are core to our humanity.

Isn’t it time they became core to your business?

At, we’re making digital conversations at work a consumer-like experience for the first time ever—just like in everyday life.

  • Offers an enterprise-grade platform—The Employee Experience Platform—that provides a single point of entry for your employees to access the systems and data that sits between your messaging or SMS and the back office—all based on advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing and understanding.
  • Integrates all the systems you already use today into a single, digital conversational experience that goes far beyond chatbot toolkits.
  • Simplifies the complexity of the workplace—initially aimed at HR and benefits but will evolve to benefit all areas of the enterprise.

Your employees matter—so make an impact in the moments that matter.

At, we think it’s about time to start communicating across the channels your workforce knows best—leveraging the very latest technology possible.

  • Give your workforce and their families the right information at the moment that matters—when they face a life change/event or big decision, from starting a family, to saving for retirement, to health issues.
  • Personalize information to them, so it’s relevant, accurate, always up to date, and effortless.
  • Enable your teams to focus on what’s mission critical—and get back to innovation, creativity, and results.

This IS the future of work.

It’s all about simplicity and reengaging with our humanity. How? By having a consumer-facing experience. Isn’t it time your enterprise caught up? reinvents the employee experience and takes digital transformation to a higher level—meeting your enterprise needs with an AI-based intelligence engine that will truly make your life easier and get you to employee awesome faster. With The Employee Experience Platform, you can:

  • Chat and converse inside and outside the enterprise in the same way we all do with co-workers, family members, and friends. SMS, text, chat, voice. Think Siri and Alexa. A personal assistant for the virtual workforce.
  • Get answers, take action, connect with a live agent, all on demand, all automated with easy-to-understand responses and automated tasks via the Employee Experience Platform.
  • Gain on-demand insights about your employees needs so you can improve HR and benefits delivery across your business.’s proprietary technology quickly understands the intent or question your workforce or families may ask and immediately delivers the right answer or kicks off the right process.

Our Employee Experience Platform acts like a virtual broker across multiple systems, documents, and departments. The employee doesn’t need to know where to go or what to do when they get there. No more wasted or duplicated efforts to get information and take action—or missed opportunities.—employee awesome.

What People Are Saying

  • Every once in a while, a new technology comes along that offers a strategic leap for CIOs—I think’s Employee Experience Platform is a prime example. It brings a simple consumer-style approach to the enterprise and enables an employee to communicate in a natural way by text, enterprise chat solutions, intranet portals and/or voice. We will see over the next year or so that this is one of those ‘game changing’ moments.
    Steve Strout |

    Chief Operating Officer, Agrisource Data

  • As a company, we’re all about meeting consumers where they are. is a tool that meets employees where they are by delivering access and answers where you prefer to work- whether it be Teams, Slack, Intranet, or SMS.
    Kevin McDonald |

    Vice President, BPO Governance & HR Operations at The E.W. Scripps Company

  • As a solution, fuels the future workplace experience. Period.
    Jason Averbook |

    HR Technology Thought Leader, CEO and Co-founder of Leapgen

The Employee Experience Platform

A Single Experience, A Powerful New Approach

Our vision is to deliver an Employee Awesome experience across any system, document, process or data-set. For the first time ever, brings the complexity of the enterprise into a single digital experience that enables your organization to tap expertise across the enterprise, save time and duplication of efforts, and capture new opportunities.